April Hezna, better known as Alice May

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In Season 1, their relation was only mentioned in Episode 16. In Episode 30, while standing up against Professor Pericles, she claimed her mother made the wrong choice in life. Upon being murdered by him, Kathryn said horrible things about her daughter. Much later, April's ghost returned to stop Kathryn from stealing the disk pieces, in which Kathryn insanely impled she doesn't love April and wanted to kill her, although she was already dead. Hurt and angry, April left her mother. In Post-nibiru, they appear to get along as Kathryn picked her up from school and hugged her.

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  • It is unknown what happened to April's ghost when the Evil Entity destroyed the universe, as she couldn't die again. It is presumed she was sucked into the black hole but from there it is unknown.
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