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April Hezna, better known as Alice May


  • 6: April as Alice dressed as the Ghost Girl for Ricky Owens, who wanted her to let the gang know about Mystery Incorporated (original).
  • 16: While her mind was taken over by Aphrodite, she danced with Ed Machine, who was killed shortly after by Fred Jones. Her name was revealed now.
  • 25: She dressed as the Obliteratrix and battled with the gang twice and Cassidy Williams.
  • 30: April walked down the street, no longer working for Ricky, but was stopped and killed Professor Pericles.


  • Episode 6
  • Episode 16
  • Episode 25
  • Episode 30 (death)
  • Episode 44 (gravestone]]
  • Episode 52 (silent cameo in Post-nibiru)