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Fred Jones was the mayor of Crystal Cove.


  • 1: Fred told his 'son' about the Slime Mutant.
  • 2: When his 'son' invited Mystery Incorporated over, he was attacked by Professor Pericles.
  • 3: During his reelection, a Ghost Truck was frequently seen around town.
  • 5: He started selling Que Horrifico media.
  • 6: He announced the prom and helped his 'son' prepare for it.
  • 7: He was seen in the audience at a Hex Girls concert.
  • 8: His 'son' saw his shadow in the distance at the Royal Knights Faire as the Freak of Crystal Cove. He didn't recognized Fred.
  • 9: He kicked Sheriff Bronson Stone out of his office, which was attacked by Humungonauts.
  • 12: His 'son' mentioned him sending him to Darrow University for an orientation day.
  • 13: He was chased by Pericles away from a fair, who threatened to kill him if he didn't tell him where some discs where.
  • 14: Tara Quinlan, the Crystal Cove High School principal, said the mayor started the Mystery Solvers Club State Finals.
  • 16: While his mind was taken over by Aphrodite, he tried to kill the gang, and actually succeeded in killing Ed Machine
  • 18: He threatened Barty Blake, who made fun of him at a dinner party.
  • 21: He asked the gang for help when he released a Manticore in the towns park Creepy Spooky Terrorland. He also continued looking for the discs, and Pericles paid him a visit.
  • 23: He asked his 'son' for help when attacked by the Shadow Poltergeist. He was also injured by Pericles, the identity of the monster.
  • 24: Despite his injury, he continued being the mayor of the town, and fired Sheriff Stone when Dead Justice arrived in town.
  • 25: He was seen fixing up the Crystal Cove Trainyard, then escaped the Obliteratrix. Cassidy Williams revealed he was in on it.
  • 26: As the Freak, he caused some damage around town and stole the disc pieces. He was unmasked and arrested, but Pericles murdered him before he could be sent to Crystal Cove State Prison.


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