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Harold Pierre Hatecraft, shortened to H.P. Hatecraft, was one of Mystery Incorporated's closest allies and famous horror writers.


  • 7: He complemented how weird music was these days.
  • 8: He went as one of his creations to the Royal Knights Faire.
  • 11: He went to a French restaurant for French people only, claiming his middle name was Pierre and he had French background.
  • 12: He helped Mystery Incorporated solve the mystery of [[Char Gar


  • 13: He wasn't allowed to enter the Cicada Bug Festival, but Mystery, Inc. invited him in as they were 'celebrities'.
  • 14: In Scooby-Doo's dream, he was annoyed that he and his imaginary mystery solving friends didn't get kidnapped by Lord Infernicus, who burnt him in response]].
  • 16: He was hypnotised by Aphrodite and danced with a rival author Regina Wentworth.
  • 19: His books were seen on Vincent Van Ghoul's bookshelves.
  • 20: At Destroido Corporation he hung out with Shaggy Rogers and Scooby. He visited the Oil Rig only once with the gang.
  • 21: The gang saved him, a victim of the Manticore.
  • 24: He went to Skipper Shelton's clam cabin, and Shaggy pushed him into the ocean.
  • 25: He helped the gang solve the mystery of the Obliteratrix. His first name was revealed and he started dating Natasha Fenk.
  • 26: He witnessed the unmasking of the Freak of Crystal Cove.
  • 29: He was kidnapped by the Crybaby Clown.
  • 31: He was invited to Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves' welcome home party.
  • 32: He enjoyed the music at the art museum.
  • 33: He watched the movie in the Crystal Cove Cemetery
  • 36: When his girlfriend was kissing Don Fong, Daphne Blake said to Fred Chiles-Reeves she thought Fenk was dating H.P.
  • 38: He went to Desdroido and witnessed the unmasking of the Scarebear.
  • 41: He watched the play at the theatre and said to the gang they did a good job, and then witnessed the ghost of Gabriello Serra speak to the gang.
  • 43: When the Skull Cattle attacked Crystal Cove, he said goodbye to the gang before getting crushed to death by the cattle, despite their efforts to save him.
  • 52: In Post-nibiru, he was seen high-fiving Regina Wentworth.


  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8 (silent cameo)
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  • Episode 12
  • Episode 13
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  • Episode 16
  • Episode 19 (mentioned)
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  • Episode 21
  • Episode 24
  • Episode 25
  • Episode 26
  • Episode 29
  • Episode 31
  • Episode 32
  • Episode 33
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  • Episode 38 (silent cameo)
  • Episode 41
  • Episode 43 (death)
  • Episode 52 (Post-nibiru)