Professor Pericles is the main antagonist of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.

History Edit

  • 1: He attacked Angel Dynamite and Mystery Incorporated.
  • 2: He attacked Fred Jones.
  • 4: He spoke to Mr. E
  • 5: He and Ed Machine planned the events of the following episode.
  • 6: He appeared in a photo in the Crystal Cove High School yearbook
  • 8: He appeared in a photo sent from Mr. E. He is first revealed to be significant to the storyline.
  • 10: The gang met him for the first time in the Crystal Cove Animal Asylum for the Crimanally Insane, and he escaped. Mr. E told them to follow him.
  • 14: In Scooby-Doo's dream, Annunaki warned him of Pericles' danger.
  • 16: He 'helped' Scooby defeat Aphrodite, but in reality he and Kathryn Hezna were out to kill Ed Machine.
  • 17: He appeared in a flashback of the original gang in Darrow Mansion getting pursued by Danny Darrow.
  • 18: Pericles hired Chinese teenager Mai Le to still the gangs piece of the Planispheric disc, but she betrayed him and stole a jewel. He killed her.
  • 23: He dressed as the Shadowy Poltergeist to steal the 2nd piece of the planispheric disc. He succeeded in stealing both the 1st and the 2nd.
  • 25: He declared that he and the gang were now enemies.
  • 26: Pericles witnessed Fred Jones get revealed to be the Freak of Crystal Cove. He fled with the 2 disc pieces.
  • 27: Scooby kept a picture of him.
  • 29: He was not happy about Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves returning.
  • 30: Pericles made a plan with Ricky to kill the other 3.
  • 31: He tried to persuade Brad, Judy and Cassidy to turn evil and join him. All 3 rejected the offer. Ricky and Pericles decided to kill Cassidy Williams, being close to the gang.
  • 33: Pericles and Ricky's meeting was revealed. Ricky was not pleased with Pericles, remembering he and Cassidy were close.
  • 35: Pericles suprised Cassidy one night, saying that she had better make the most of things while she had time left.
  • 36: Mentioned by Dan Fluunk.
  • 37: He lured the gang and Cassidy underwater and killed Cassidy with Kriegstaffebots.
  • 38: He, Ricky, Brad, Judy and Kathryn attempted to blow up Mystery Inc but only blew up George Avocadas' farm.
  • 39: He got tricked by Mystery Inc and their numerous associates. He lost all his disc pieces.
  • 40: Pericles, enraged, slapped Ricky, demanding him to do a better job and things and die. Later he implanted cobra larvae in Ricky's spine, torturing him and planning to kill the gang.
  • 41: Gabriello Serra said Pericles started the downfall, as well as other animals.
  • 42: He said the gang' alien adventures were just beginning.
  • 43: He and the villains released Skull Cattle, and Pericles tortured Ricky more.
  • 45: He ordered Kathryn to 'kill the dog.
  • 46: He slapped Kathryn when she wanted to join the Dandy Highwayman.
  • 47: He made a genius plan up and stole all the disc pieces back, saying that his master would soon be set free.
  • 48: He was seen with Ricky in the Sitting room.
  • 49: He thanked Kathryn for killing Janet Nettles.
  • 50: He prepared for Nibiru.
  • 51: He followed the gang down through dimensions.
  • 52: Pericles wanted to get the power of the Evil Entity, but it killed him. He is the mascot of Creationex Corporation in the Post-nibiru world.

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